As the traditions one of the North American Indian tribes, the word “loafer” takes on the broader meaning of “footwear”. In fact these people used to wrap their feet with soft skin, sewing it on the back of the foot and fixing it to the ankle. It was born the first type of today’s loafer which, over the years, has undergone various reinterpretation. Today we’re talking about one in particular which has a tassel on the upper that allows the shoe to be worn even on informal occasions. It’s the dandy version of the classic penny loafer, created in 1950 by the Alden Shoe Company: the tassel loafer.

Beyond history, on the other hand, there is a difference between the two loafers, especially with regard to handcradftship: the tassels are made with a different seam that changes according to the color. The Vanio (black version) is made with exposed seam Blake, while the Vittorio (dark brown version) is made with a seam also called Blake-increna, which amplifies the craftsmanship of our footwear making the sole waterproof.

The leather we use on tassel loafers is abraded (or also called brushed), whose use has a very specific purpose: generally the animals whose skins will be used for footwear, may suffer signs such as, for example, scars, bites of insects or simply wrinkles. These natural signs are not very appreciated by a certain target of customers a little more pretentious and it is precisely for this reason that we make them with abrasive leathers.

But how do you get a brushed leather? First of all we proceed to grouting the skin, then we move on to the removal of part of the flower and, finally, we use abrasive paper to smooth and smooth the upper part of the flower, so as to remove all the unsightly marks. Furthermore, the bottom of the shoe is made from Italian cowhide, famous for its durability and resistance over time and an index of absolute Italianness of the product in any point or corner of our shoes.

But the charm of our tassel loafers is not liked “only” to its construction and handcraftship, but also in its versatility. It is a shoe that all generations require of us, from the lawyer for his free Sundays or for the most demanding work, to the young dandy for aperitifs and evenings with friends. Not only that, because the tassel can be used throughout the year. Now, we propose it with a winter and formal look, to which Vanio is particularly suited, demonstrating the fact that this model can be used both by the man in his career and by the young man who is about to approach formal elegance. But let’s imagine in July, in Capri or on the Amalfi Coast, with a tobacco-colored, beige or cream-colored dress in full Mastroianni style. Or with jeans and polo shirts. Or again, with cotton trousers and linen shirt. La Vittorio will be the icing on the cake for your fresh and summer outfit.