Long Live To The Shoes



  1. A pair of new shoes should not be worn immediately for the whole day, but instead, only for a few hours. You can keep increasing from there, until your feet become fully accustomed to the new shape and the new bottom of the shoe;

  2. Let the shoes rest: do not wear them for two consecutive days. This way, they will be able to dry off moisture and sweat from the foot;

  3. Always use a shoehorn (which you will find as a gift) for shoes or moccasins. This way, the buttress (the leather insert in the heel between the lining and the upper) will not be subjected to pressure;

  4. Once you take your shoes off, place your feet in comfortable slippers, then insert a wooden shoe spreader inside, even if the shoes are wet. Never be close to sources of heat;

The shoe-spreader: essential accessory for shoe care

  1. Remember to clean the shoes after each use: with a soft brush, in natural bristles, remove the dust from the upper and stitching, then, if the shoe is made of leather, use a light amount of polish, apply it with a soft cloth.

  2. Once your shoes are totally dry, store them in the cotton breathable bags that Bottega Senatore will provide to you, never do it in plastic bags! By doing so, you will allow the shoes to correctly pass the air inside the shoe rack.