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The shoes we offer to our customers today are the result of an intense collaboration with master artisans, experience handed down from fathers to sons, where the love and the passion have brought them an exceptional level of expertise and talent.The products are created in the Puglia region in the province of Lecce; the materials are researched in collaboration with the artisans, throughout Italy. The goal is to achieve absolute quality and excellent comfort. Everything is discussed and perfected, nothing is left to chance.

Every morning, in a small town in the province of Lecce, artisans wake up and after a walk in the historic center of the country, they prepare to face a day full of candor and excellence.

Gifted with loads of experience, the artisans check that all the materials that have arrived to the warehouse as clearly requested, after which, the work phase begins, from cutting to edging, passing to assembly. The eye is attentive to any facet, nothing escapes their expert hands!

A weekly meeting with the founder to discuss the work carried out during the week and the small precautions to be taken. An exchange of opinions, makes the atmosphere sparkling. Ideas never fail.

A healthy environment, an environment that you can only experience in Italy and nowhere else.

That smell of tanned leather, the noise of the hammer that beats, melts and creates a truly unique energy.

The sun begins to move away and hide behind the sea, yes; Puglia is one of those places in Italy where you can admire the sunset on the side of the sea, a weave of lights to leave you speechless.

The workshop closes with the awareness of having created unique products with a centenary soul.

You return from families, a fundamental part in the success of any project!