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Elegance and refinement

In today’s market, fashion is the master by imposing alternative styles, vintage references, forgotten stories that are back on trend, but only one thing never changes and that is the Art of Craftsmanship about shoes. It is a job that, although the ages change, it never goes away. A craftsman offers quality, excellent materials, custom-made shoes and finishes that are indestructible.

The “Bottega Senatore” brand has decided to make the Quality and Style of its models its trademark. An Authentic Handmade Shoes workshop with excellent aesthetic value as well as quality. We know more about the Senatore’s Workshop.

Every time we wear a shoe we are not looking for the foot’s confort, even if it is very important, we want to discover something new that is identified with the word “Style”.

The brand “Bottega Senatore” has well understood this motivation that it has found according to requests from its customers and on this it develops its models that are traditional, but that do not stop at the Casual look. The men’s shoes proposed by Bottega Senatore range from traditional, timeless models to Sneakers to satisfy even the new generations who appreciate fashion trends but want to own and wear excellent men’s shoes. Our men’s shoes are created by Master Craftsmen who combine the skill of a handmade production with a careful distribution process. Bottega Senatore offers the customer a high-quality footwear.

Ideal for those who want to cuddle or want to buy a gift for themselves outside the trends. Remember that every time you take a step with handmade shoes, you’re not only wearing good workmanship, but we’re wearing tradition! The style used by Bottega Senatore is elegance, refinement that pours into all its products. To produce high value shoes you have to respect two main factors: design and high quality materials.

Bottega Senatore does not hide the fact that its goal is precisely to continue the tradition of handmade handmade creations with a special care in finding high quality materials that are offered on the market.

A continuous search for the best to offer the best product in the footwear sector.


Materials used

An appreciable product must be made of materials that are of excellent quality where the work of handmade shoes is combined, then ancient techniques that are modernized to ensure maximum authenticity’ of the know-how that characterizes the world of men’s footwear. The Bottega Senatore brands guarantee and certify that the materials used for their products are made of genuine full-grain calfskin leather, the best on the market that offers top level shoes. This highly prized material is taken from the surface of the calf skin, a leather that has no rivals of any kind on the leather goods market. The characteristics that distinguish the Full-Grain Calfskin leather are the softness that is felt on the foot, very delicate and comfortable. It offers a silky feel to the touch, when you caress it you can feel the importance and care in the treatment of this material. Since it is a material of high quality and totally natural it may contain inaccuracies or discontinuities, called wrinkles, which are a sign of value and attest to the real quality of the product.

Do you wonder why? The reason is to keep its main characteristics intact, it undergoes very little processing and treatment with natural materials. Each season requires the use of different materials and the Bottega Senatore brand is well aware of this, proposing alternatives according to the months and temperatures that men’s footwear must undergo. For the winter Bottega Senatore has selected, narrowing the choice, an Italian Vibram or Dainite rubber sole made of solid, water-repellent, vulcanized natural materials, ideal to resist cold. While for leather lovers, we have chosen a very flexible and elegant leather sole, which offers tradition and craftsmanship with handmade finishes that honor all these materials, offering high quality shoes. A collaboration, between materials, model designs and craftsmen, that makes the product result of excellent workmanship! One of the very few products that are on sale directly on the site as well as in authorized stores.

An excellent product that lends itself to use even in leisure time.



The shoe designs of this artisan workshop are developed to meet the demands of customers who are often not satisfied with what is on the market and only looking for something different that has “personality”. Collaborating with designers from all over the world, Bottega Sneatore develops and certifies its products with new styles with unmistakable details. Many men’s fashion shows in which the real King to present to the final consumer are the handmade shoes, the cornerstone of this traditional workshop that does not stop at obsolete models. In addition, this laboratory develops models of shoes that are ideal to use in your free time. The choice is wide for designs that are easy to combine with sporty and casual looks, but that’s not all. The new generations are looking for Sneakers models that can be combined with street fashion, but also with sportswear and Urban style.

The Sneakers and Urban shoes proposed by Bottega Senatore aim to make people appreciate their free time in full comfort’. Long walks and free movements force you to wear shoes that are perfectly suited to the sole of the foot. To produce high value shoes, you have to respect two main factors: design, structure and high quality materials. It becomes obligatory to emphasize that the design is enhanced by finishing work that decorate these handmade shoes. Characterizing the manufacture that does not destroy the leather, but supports it so that the individual components of the model adhere perfectly without damaging it.

A meticulous care that only a valid craftsman can offer. Technique and experience are strong points in the products that are designed by this workshop. Processing Technique The construction technique of our footwear changes, as it should, depending on the demand of our customers, from the flexible and light Blake workmanship to the more sophisticated and valuable Goodyear workmanship.

You return from families, a fundamental part in the success of any project!