In the iconic location of the Beaux-Arts Building in Manhattan, an exclusive project of lifestyle
and made in Italy men’s fashion takes shape. Here, Bottega Senatore proudly steps in with the
Bespoke project.

From September 1, 2021, we will enter with Bottega Senatore in the prestigious Luxuny atelier, proposing our Bespoke project: a custom-made and personalized shoe, which involves an HD scanning of the foot with a 3D scanner.
To take measurements, customers place their feet on a platform equipped with micro-cameras. The cameras record the customer’s measurements and recreate a 3D shape of the original foot. The scanner can detect the uniqueness of the foot and deliver it to the craftsman. No matter the height of the instep, no matter its length: from 6 to 22, these shoes fit the foot perfectly because they are cast on it!
The 3D images are then sent to our master craftsman who, based on the leathers, patterns, and accessories chosen by the customer, creates a unique shoe, completely handmade. The tradition of high-quality craftsmanship is combined here with technological innovation: on the one hand, Italian old craftsmanship, on the verge of extinction, is still able to deal with the
creation of a shoe completely by hand. On the other hand, a Swiss-made, state-of-the-art 3D
scanner, allows us to have a virtual model of the foot in 3-4 seconds.



Located in the district of elegance, the Luxuny atelier stands as one of the landmarks for professionals in one of the fanciest areas of the city. The building in which it is located is Penthouse West of Bryan Park Studios, an architectural unicum built by the philanthropist and artist Abraham Archibald Anderson in 1901 and still considered a symbol of Manhattan.
An exclusive context, chosen as the ideal location for the atelier space: we are on the top floor, overlooked by a mosaic glass ceiling and with a panoramic view of the entire city. Among highclass furniture and colonial-style interiors, we find a selection of Made in Italy products.   
A different context from the common marketplace, where leisure time and objects for sale come together to tell a certain lifestyle. Bottega Senatore and the Bespoke project enter into this adventure, proud to contribute with custom-made shoes to this international emblem of male elegance.


10018 NEW YORK, NY
(+1) 646.4484939