Bottega Senatore offers free shipping and return for the following Countries:

EU Countries, Switzerland, Norway, Canada and USA


EU Countries –  All prices are inclusive of VAT. Free shipping and free return purchasing any item from 150 € .

Switzerland – All prices are inclusive of VAT/TVA . Each price do include custom duties, custom fees, other taxes and charges. Free shipping and free return purchasing any item from 150 CHF up. Duty and VAT are fully covered by Bottega Senatore. All prices are to be considered as all inclusive. Important note for the following products: shoes trees shoes care kit belts N.B. The prices for these 3 items only are not including Vat/TVA Customs duty -custom fees. Those extra fees are paid by the clients locally.

Norway, Canada and USA – All prices are inclusive of VAT/TVA . Each price do include custom duties, custom fees, other taxes and charges. Free shipping and free return purchasing any item from 150 $ .



The products are shipped via UPS courier and a parcel tracking service that is available for such courier.

Also, it is possible to ship the package via the courier’s website. If you opt for this option, your purchase will be done quickly and without worries!

Generally, the courier fulfills deliveries from Monday to Friday; both in the morning and in the afternoon. Therefore, you cannot request the company to send you the package on a specific day or time.


In case of failure to deliver due to the recipient being absent, the courier will leave a delivery attempt Note in the letter box. Your delivery will be then stored at the nearest UPS ACCESS POINT. Your delivery attempt Note will include the UPS ACCESS POINT address where your package will remain for 10 days, waiting for collection. Should you be unable to get to the UPS ACCESS POINT, you can call the UPS Customers Care number provided in the Note to rearrange the delivery.

Bottega Senatore Gmbh is not responsible for any problems during the shipping.

In case the deliveries are received by the receptionist (who provides the necessary signature for the reception of the package), Bottega Senatore Gmb cannot be held responsible for any missing deliveries to the final recipient.

In case shipping is not available for your country, please contact us at and submit your request, because we are considering extending the list of countries to which we can ship our products.

Once you received your products, you must check the following:

  • Make sure that the number of packages corresponds with what is specified in the transport document
  • Make sure that the package is intact and undamaged, including the envelope materials
  • Any damage to the package or the product, as well as any mismatch, must be detected immediately. Then, you must proceed to mark the document of the delivery with a statement regarding the damages detected on the product/package that must be returned to the courier service
  • Any problem regarding the integrity of the products or the packages must be detected and reported immediately. In addition, the products must be delivered within 14 days of the receipt of the same, according to the procedures explained in this document.


Shipping Fees:

The cost of shipping is calculated based on the country of destination, weight and also the volume of the package. The cost will be viewable by the customer at the end of the order, prior to the confirmation of the same.


Expected Shipping Times:

Generally, the shipping takes between 2 to 5 working days, counting from the following day after the registration of the order.

Delays in the delivery time may occur due to temporary unavailability of the products, problems with the courier, holidays or due to major forces that might inevitably extend the shipping time.

For purchases made with PayPal or credit cards, possible delays in delivery may occur due to the impossibility of the company to withdraw the amount owed, or on the other hand, due to a lack of authorizations by the bank.

In case you have not received your products after 5 working days, please contact Customer Service at

In any case, take the delivery times indicated by Bottega Senatore Gmbh as a reference rather than a conclusive answer. Therefore, any delay in the delivery time will not entitle the customer to refuse the delivery and/or request any kind of compensation.


For the rest of the Countries, the shipping costs, local Tax, Duty and incurred are charged to the customer.

Taxes and Customs Duties:

In case a customer who belongs to a non-EU country makes the purchase, the corresponding taxes and customs duties will be charged to the customer. (For shipping in USA, Norway and Switzerland is all included)

The taxes and customs duties vary from country to country and are applied when the package arrives to the country of destination. Therefore, we invite our customers to contact the customs authorities in their country of origin before ordering, in order to clear any doubt regarding taxes and customs duties. You should also consult about import limits, additional costs, etc.

Guide to Duties and Taxes:

  • USA: no duties for orders below $ 800
  • Norway: no duties + 25% VAT
  • Australia: 5% duties + 10% VAT
  • Hong Kong: no duties
  • Singapore: 7% VAT

In case the customer (from a non-EU country) refuses to receive the products or in case the deliver cannot be fulfilled due to other reasons(absent of the recipient during delivery attempts, incorrect data, etc.), the cost of customs duties and the return of the products will have to be covered by the customer, whereas the price of the purchase product(s) will be refunded.