Our Products

Our products have a classic line, suitable for any type of style. Beautiful things remain beautiful even after a thousand years!
We also take a look at the future and innovation, looking for products that have been improved over time, to offer you the best in the market.


Sought throughout Italy, meticulously. Tanneries are our second home, we have the opportunity to live in a country where the quality and skills of the experts are excellent, so we can offer you a high-quality footwear that you will not find anywhere else.



The leather used in the production of our products is the best in the territory. The artisans work with the soft natural first flower leather. The suede leather makes the shoe refined… an exquisite quality.


We sew the leather sole for a classic, elegant and decisive fit. Obtained from the best cowhide in Italy, vegetable tanned. Tirelessly timeless, and you will notice it from the first time you look at them. For a freer walk, we have chosen to represent ourselves with the Vibram rubber sole, the flagship of an italian company. Walking in any surface will no longer be a problem, keeping the style as an absolute base, while keeping you comfortable and secure with every step. Our sneakers, on the other hand, have the everlasting 100% rubber sole called “cassette bottom”.

A light sole for a free walk.


The Constructions

They are footwear made to last over time, because as we say, beautiful things remain beautiful even with the passing of time.
Each shoe is made individually by hand by our artisans with different processing techniques, from the special processing called “Blake” for the classic, to “lateral” processing for sneakers and “Goodyear Welt” construction. Everything is made in-house and with the highest quality standards.