Men’s elegance with an exceptional grip

In the history of men’s fashion, elegance has often feared the elements.

A good cotton coat is not necessarily rainproof.

A traditional leather shoe – no matter how egregiously handcrafted – has always flaked when walking in the snow for too long.

Until today

With this Vibram Arctic Grip collection, Bottega Senatore unhinges this belief for the first time, making it a blessing in disguise.

Our vision includes the unmistakable style of a 100% Italian shoe that can shine just off the ski slopes or in the leisure time of any icy, cold city.

Arctic Grip: a cutting-edge technology

Over the years, Bottega Senatore has matched the advanced technology of the Vibram sole, which not only respects the silhouette of an elegant shoe but also allows its wearer to experience 100% water-proof walks in the total protection of gait, posture, and thus in the preservation of the spine.

This collection enshrines an even higher level

The patented Arctic grip technology consists of a strip of lamellae almost indistinguishable to the eye, which, however, stiffen in contact with snow and ice.

The result: the shoe acquires more grip than every “classic” sole shoe. This technology was born for outdoor shoes, but Bottega Senatore dared to combine style and functionality in a new, virile conception of the best European elegance.

Photographs of an Italian excellence

The collection we proudly present in this catalog comes from a long research work. The photographs show us the Italian Val d’Aosta, a destination for sports tourism but also a classy place for happenings and events.

Here we can admire the stunning nuances of the Lago Blu, and the severe Monte Cervino Every shoe in this catalog reflects special care for materials, stitching, and finishing which we have always dedicated to our footwear.

Now, possibilities are endless for those who want to experience a classy dimension in cold climates.

The partnership between Bottega Senatore and Vibram Arctic Grip rewrites men’s fashion.

Enjoy it to the fullest.

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