The first shoes that we present to you is the iconic Double Monk called “Didìo”, an interesting name for those who live in details. It is the versatile shoe par excellence: thanks to the full-grain calf leather, to the comfortable Vibram rubber sole – which allows you to walk in the rain or snow in total safety and is the best available on the market – and quarter brouge detail, the dark brown Didìo can be worn in the cold and uncertain winter days, where the rain is always around the corner.

Its ductility can also be research in style. In this article I have proposed it with a casual combo with a velvet trousers and a navy blue jacket. However the Didìo can also be used in the office, at a business dinner or, moreover, under a jeans. Daniel likes to call it “dual shoe”: particular, given the absence of laces and the refined appeal to the brouge motif, but not haughty; elegant, yet casual, because of its adaptability to any kind of occasion. Pirandello would say, “One No One and One Hundred Thousand”, we are content to say … Didìo!