A symbol of modern society the sneakers are now populating the shopping malls’s windows and the crowded streets of the metropolis. Although this, the history of this shoe has its roots more a century ago when it was used especially for grass sports like croquet or polo. Their peculiarity was the upper in light fabric (often in canvas) and the rubber sole (mostly rubber).

The boom, however, was in the second half of the last century, especially since worn by the most famous tennis players and actors. Today the market offers an unlimited variety of sneakers types, diversifying them from the iconic Converse, Superga or Vans, especially due to the introduction of models made entirely by hand, therefore less industrial and more artisanal. This is the case of the Clovio, our prized “sports shoe” (hoping it doesn’t feel offended).

For the pioneers of men’s fashion, this shoe fits perfectly not only with jeans and a shirt (as we propose in the first outfit), but also with more formal look, still in the ranks of the casual style. It is perfect for those who want to excel at “knowing how to dress”: it is easier to combine a formal shoe with an equally elegant look, but the real gentleman comes out when it comes to breaking the rigidity of a smart look with a more modern detail and, therefore, contrasting.

The Clovio, also available in high and in white, blue and black, is made of full-grain calf leather with a white rubber sole and side seam in tone. The cassette sole makes the sneakers comfortable, flexible and dynamic, therefore comfortable in all circumstances, from travel to the office during casual Friday to university to lasting meetings.

We have chosen the Clovio for you next summer, given its versatility in being matched with the most suitable fabrics to withstand the heat of the season. We propose it combined with one of our favorite broken fabrics: linen trousers and blazers in hopsack, but there will also be ideas for what concerns cotton, strongly used especially during the evenings. And if you own a boat or, better yet, a yacht then it’s the look made for you!

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