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Bottega Senatore is a company that combines the professionalism of several collaborators with the forty years of precious experience from a group of master artisans of footwear.

The founder Daniel Porcello, a entrepreneur born in 1979, with a professional background in the shipping sector. For years, I worked at an Italian shipping company, and since 2012, I live in Switzerland with my family.


The passion for footwear, which I have always cultivated, has led me in the last nine years to manage relationships with Italian suppliers and artisans in the industry.

The knowledge of the territory and the admiration for the intellectual honesty of the work of these artisans, pushed me to found the Bottega Senatore brand.


The high quality of the Bottega Senatore products – and the direct relationship with these artisans – create an important and unprecedented synergy. This particular relationship means that every detail is evaluated, discussed and approved, so that the final product is available for the public at an well as perfect in every single detail.

From beginning to end.


A deep knowledge of materials and production processes has finally allowed us to find the right positioning in the market respecting all the phases of the work process carried out in the laboratory, without having to submit to compromises in terms of quality of the final product.

Bottega Senatore products are designed, supervised and taken care of until the last detail, to give you the best quality of footwear.

Personally, I deeply believe in a revival of Italian craftsmanship: we are living in a period in which the experience and the artisan tradition are finding a place in the creative process of those who – like us – believe and invest in products made with the heart.

Let’s enjoy this moment  …

Let’s do it together!