Big news from a brand that seeks to combine traditional Italian luxury with constant innovation: from today on, the notorious Italian shoes e-commerce Bottega Senatore will accept Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies on its shop.

Thanks to the trusted partner Bit Pay, the payment will be handled at the checkout. This allows you to buy the best Italian traditions with Bitcoin in a quick, transparent, and completely safe way.

Buy with Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are the future. That’s the reason why Bottega Senatore felt the urgency to activate a cryptocurrency payment, as a logical consequence of the constant attention to our customers. They have chosen us as a reference for men’s luxury and elegance standards, and they are determined to keep the bar high.

Among our customers, we have fin-tech visionaries or people with a filled-up cryptocurrency wallet.

What do they have in common? Good taste and a “buy with Bitcoin” habit. So we said to ourselves: why not cryptocurrencies?

How to buy with Bitcoin in our online shop

Buying with Bitcoin on Bottega Senatore’s e-commerce is a piece of cake:

  • Check out the products by browsing them on our e-commerce.
  • Choose your size, color, and fabric/material.
  • Select “cryptocurrency” as payment method.
  • Select your currency!

Supported cryptocurrencies


However, all available options will be shown at checkout.

The exchange rate

The exchange rate is set the instant the payment is processed. The transaction is handled quickly and transparently, and before finalizing the purchase you will be shown a screen with the market exchange rate.

Confirm and go on, or get back to the shop if you would like to change your payment method.

No extra fees

Bottega Senatore guarantees that no fees will be applied to this payment method.

Trusted partner: Bit Pay

The trusted third-party-partner Bit Pay guarantees total transparency in all the transactions we process.

It also allows return, which is managed directly by Bit Pay.

It also allows return, which is managed directly by Bit Pay. Therefore, the payment is guaranteed to be processed quickly, safely and protects the consumer from the risk of fraud, and cyber-attacks.

A luxury choice

Bottega Senatore stands out among Italian luxury e-commerce for its premium-choice products, which come from a mix of Tradition and modern customers’ needs. Strong attention to detail comes with the possibility to buy with Bitcoin. We are proud to provide a good that – perhaps more than any other – is synonymous with class, elegance, and status: men’s shoes.

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