Probably the loafers is part of the types of shoes most appreciated by modern man, and not only. Their versatility will satisfy their use in any situation from the most formal to the most casual. Over the years, however, the image we have of the moccasin cannot be traced back to the shape of the iconic Penny moccasins. To it is added the Tassel Loafers, of which already widely spoken, but above all the Belgian Loafers, of which not everyone knows the existence or, at least, the history.



The Belgian moccasins were designed for the first time by Henri Bendel in the 1940s, as a soft variant of the already existing classic moccasins, to then be built by hand by Belgian artisans of the time in a family-run factory outside Brussels. be resold in a small New York City shop on 55th Street between Park and Lex in New York.


Aesthetically they are very particular, nothing to object: they are kind of slippers, but with a precious and surmounted appearance or a small leather bow or, as recent fashion requires, a knotted lace. This is the elegant version that we offer in 2 colors: dark brown and brown / hazelnut. To these are added also the variant with diaper, always suede, blue, true, dark brown and red.



The moccasin, made entirely by hand, uses pure Italian suede calf leather that makes the shoe light and refined. The sole is leather with a leather insole to give flexibility and freshness to the walk. The sole is heat-sealed with an industrial mastic and very high grip that allows it to be used even during the winter. In short, a handyman shoe.

The way we want to wear is with a dress, even if broken, strictly without socks during the summer. There are those who use this shoe even under jeans. In short, with our Belgian Loafers you can really enjoy yourself!




But the charm of our tassel loafers is not liked “only” to its construction and handcraftship, but also in its versatility. It is a shoe that all generations require of us, from the lawyer for his free Sundays or for the most demanding work, to the young dandy for aperitifs and evenings with friends. Not only that, because the tassel can be used throughout the year. Now, we propose it with a winter and formal look, to which Vanio is particularly suited, demonstrating the fact that this model can be used both by the man in his career and by the young man who is about to approach formal elegance. But let’s imagine in July, in Capri or on the Amalfi Coast, with a tobacco-colored, beige or cream-colored dress in full Mastroianni style. Or with jeans and polo shirts. Or again, with cotton trousers and linen shirt. La Vittorio will be the icing on the cake for your fresh and summer outfit.